A la fresca

Placemaking Process

La Marina de València | ES


Valencia's waterfront has gone through an unbelievable transformation in the last decade. Fron derelict port zone to a vibrant innovation hub. Tinglado number 2 is a roof structure that hosts diverse spontaneous civic activities in a privileged location: overlooking the mediterranean sea.

The ' A la fresca' placemaking proposal combined tradition, local identity and urban networks in a collective creative process. In an early phase, placing urban artefacts in the neighbouring areas would raise conversations and collect collective knowledge. Later, urbanization of the immediate surrounding of the Tinglado would allow and encourage the uses and communities discovered during the civic engagement.

Given the existing spatial qualities, the aim was merely to strengthen the existing urban life through iterative design interventions with prototypes and testing of the future uses, that would culminate in a built urban space.

In collaboration with USI | Urban Scale Interventions