Perspectiva 2030

A glimpse at the city of the future

Project and Exhibition Curatorship

What will Valencia be like in the future? How will technology affect our physical environment? What will the public spaces of the future look like? How will mobility evolve and how will it affect our streets? How to integrate heritage in urban development?

The VALENCIA 360 project, by València World Design Capital 2022 and the Las Naves innovation centre, through its laboratory for a better future Futur·lab, commissioned lamardebe through Non Architecture to provide answers to these questions with the city of Valencia as setting. Five design teams focusing on relevant topics and locations within the city underwent a gamification process curated by lamardebe. Together with the teams we developed a series of visualizations of various locations in the city of Valencia. Each team, with a different graphic style, represented that space in a 360-degree image from which half represents utopia and the other half, dystopia allowing the viewer to have an immersive experience.

Standing in the middle of the 360 bubble connecting utopia and dystopia, citizens reflect: in which direction do we move forward? Which urban future do we want?

In collaboration with Non Architecture for World Design Capital Valencia 2022 and Las Naves.

Images: ©Lucas Momparler

Images: EX FIGURA | Lloyd Martin | quatrecaps | rarea studio | C-LAB