Ca Llimera

A small refuge in the historic center

Renovation, design and construction

An abandoned original house from 1910 in the historical center of Valencia has been transformed into a modern apartment where transparency is key. The space was stripped of decades of use and misuse to create a functional layout that maximizes a feeling of comfort.

In Ca Llimera, there is some tension between privacy and transparency. While the partitions and layout aim to create a fully transparent home where all spaces are connected, the apartment itself is a safe den within the urban maze.

Ca Llimera is designed to strip its inhabitants from the unnecessary layers one wears in public life. It is meant for walking barefoot, feeling the wind blow through its large windows, and observing the sun filtering through the blinds during a summer nap.

Yet, it is also a house built around a kitchen with a large dining table to gather friends, with guest beds to host visitors, and office spaces to work from home. In very few square meters, the house allows for the the use and flexibility that urban apartments demand nowadays: rest, play, and work.